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International Customers

Uk and Europe:

Sensory Smart Store: Soft Partner website in the UK Distributor of Soft Seamless Undies and Socks in the Netherlands and Belgium



Seams Away -- Soft Partner website in Australia!



It Makes Sense -- Gear for Sensitive Souls 

My Diffability -- Resources for Different Abilities 



Malliah is a wonderful Japanese company that sells and markets clothing for people with sensory sensitivity of all ages, including those with latex allergies, Eczema, skin sensitivities and more.  They will offer a large selection of our basics and printed tees and dresses starting in January 2011.  


If you are interested in selling Soft internationally, please fill out our wholesale application


Do you ship to international locations from this Soft Website?

We will currently ship to CANADA and the UNITED KINGDOM only.  For the UK and Europe however, we recommend ordering with our European partner stores above for faster, cheaper shipping.  Delays are common when shipping to Canada due tohandling of Duty, PST and GST, so please factor this in when placing your order.