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What are Occupational Therapists and other Professionals saying about Soft?


The inside of the sensory tee is very smooth and flat with nothing to stick or poke the kids. The regular tee has several seems that are rough and the tag is "pokey" to use my son's words. I've shared the sample with other therapists and parents that I work with. Your product is something so needed in the world of pediatrics and is not only great for kids with tactile defensiveness, but is just fantastic quality!

--Meghan Watry, School Based Occupational Therapist


My daughter hates pulling shirts over her head and would usually scream if one took too long to get down.  She liked the wide collar because it went on without getting hair in her eyes of getting "stuck" on her head.  It also wasn't too wide so that it hung too low when it was on.  She wants more of them.  She wears the one you sent under sweaters and sweatshirts. It has held up well after several washings and my daughter seems more comfortable in her own skin when wearing the t-shirt to bed or under her clothes.

--Christina Bradburn, Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist


I would (and have already) recommend Soft clothing. It is a productthat is definitely needed for kids who have sensory issues as gettingdressed can be a daily battle some families face. It is heartbreakingto see your child uncomfortable in the clothing that society deems isappropriate in certain situations. It is also very difficult to findclothes that fit a child's comfort level.

--Dana Bethel, Elementary Special Education Teacher 

What are customers saying about Soft?


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Clothes buying for my daughter with Sensory Integration Dysfunction is so stressful. I saw the article in Parents and decided to try a couple of long-sleeve shirts for the upcoming school year.  My 5-y/o daughter very rarely wears long sleeves (she has only a couple of "favorites"), and her school has standardized dress. Since I know shewill never wear dress code long sleeves, I convinced her to try a couple of neutral long tees to wear under her standard short-sleeves. (This year, she would only wear skirts and short sleeves, even in 30-degree weather...with a coat, of course.) We got the package (very quickly, thank you!), and I made her try one onamidst groans, complaints, and (on my part) begging. Even though it wastoo big (since I bought for next year) and, because of that, immediately made her bristle, she fell in love within a minute of wearing it. She insisted on keeping it on.  Let me tell you, days like that are few and far between. Sometimes she wants to like it but ends up tearing it off in less than 5 minutes. Not so! She even put the pants (which I am very hesitant about....I can't remember the last time she wore pants), dress, and cardigan on her birthday wish list. :) Looking forward to the socks (and hoping those come in adult sizes because, well, let's just say I know where she gets the sensory issues!)and anything else you might get out. Adult sizes too please!

--Nicole-Mom/Soft Customer


Gabriel's sensory issues have always made it hard for me tofind clothing that he can wear.  The clothes have to be free of buttons orzippers, since he will inevitably chew them off, and they can't have tags,since those would have to be cut out too, and at the same time the clothes haveto be ‘cool' enough that he wants to wear them.  Let me tell you, that is noeasy task!  For kids like mine, with Sensory Processing Disorder, shopping forclothing can be a nightmare and watching your child struggle with something asbasic as clothing is just heartbreaking.  Having a company like Soft offerstylish clothing that my son can wear is a relief.  Soft Clothing has taken the‘struggle' out of getting dressed by making sensory friendly clothing that myson can feel good about wearing.

--Hartley Steiner

SPD mom, author and advocate


Having Soft Clothing has made such a dramatic difference in my sonslife!  It has aided his self esteem immesaurably to be able to dress"normaly".  Even his teachers have noticed and commented recently abouthow much Darius has blossomed lately.  I tell everyone I can about Softand the improvements it has made in our entire family's quality oflife.  Thanks, Soft!

Mom of Darius (one of the Soft Clothing models!)--Kathleen Butler


My son, Macpherson Johns, always was soooo picky about what types ofshirts he wore.  I always have to cut the tags out...until he beganwearing Soft Clothing for All.  I have never heard him ask once aboutthe tags because there are none.  And he loves the material, it's notscratchy, but super soft.

Mom of Mac (one of the Soft Clothing models!) Melander Taylor


Our daughter, Lilly, has always had problems with clothing, startingfrom birth.  Anything we would put against her skin would make her cryand she would tell us that it 'hurt' and would take off her clothes theminute we would walk through our front door.  We always looked forclothing that was soft enough for her but she ended up getting to thepoint where she hated new clothes and we were desperate.  Then alongcame Soft!!!  She ADORES these clothes, wears them everyday (literally)and can't wait to wear them.  No more clothing drama!  We are trulythankful to Jessica and the Soft family.

--Mom of Lilly (one of the Soft Clothing models!) Alyssa Fort


Soft sentme a pair of their soft classic chinos and a sensory tee to review. Um,Soft - can you please make clothing for adults?! I love the feel ofyour clothing! SOFT is an understatement! These feel heavenly.

--The Funky Monkey Blog


I have a four year old daughter with tactile defensiveness. We had daily morning rages, with her tearing off of every piece ofclothing offered, and melt downs each day over getting dressed. Shewould tear off her clothes screaming she was itching and scratch herskin until she was red all over, all the while crying as if she werebeing tortured. Somehow, we had to get her dressed for preschool, andwresting her into even her least annoying clothing was awful. It leftthe whole family exhausted, exasperated and miserable before 8am. Iwould feel rattled the whole day long for having lived through thetantrum, and miserable as a mother that each day started off so hard.My other kids, without these issues, just sat and watched in stunnedsilence, and got very little parental attention in the mornings as allhands were needed just to dress the 4 year old.

Thank goodness for your efforts to make clothing for all kids. Mydaughter received her first shirts, dress and cardigan three days ago,and has worn some combination each day since. She cheerfully puts themon herself. She loves that the clothes are called SOFT and were made"with her in mind".

She says she loves that the collar of her dress is smooth satin, thatthere are no "lumps", nothing "itchy" and nothing tight. She likes thatthe dress is sleveless so that when she puts on her cardigan "I don'thave to hold the sleeves and they don't make bunchy wrinkles". She alsosaid to me that she likes her cardigan because it is "a way for a fouryear old to joke a grown up". "I can do these snaps and it looks like Idid tiny buttons!". She was excited to wear it to preschool and haveher teacher think she had buttoned it up! I love that the clothes arefashionable and cute and she looks adorable in them.

Our whole family is so grateful!

--F. Adams--Mom/Soft Customer


We have been trying out the clothes on kids with sensory issues and they love them. One didn't want to take off the T-shirt and begged to sleep in it and the other put the pants through situps and sitting (when their regular clothes really bother them) and gave them a thumbs up even though they were too big. That girl begged her mom to get some in her size. We are thrilled with this product. Thought you might like to know.

Tamara O.--Editor, Chicago Parent


My almost 4 year old daughter has MANY clothing sensitivities andI was thrilled to find your line. She will have her first OT eval thisweek, but we have been struggling with clothes for years!! When yourclothing came, she opened the packages, tried on the clothing and thenCHEERED!!!! She said, " Oh my, these are great!!! and said, "THANKSmom!!" she was jumping up and down cheering about the clothes. I havebrought many clothing items home where she put them on, took them offimmediately saying, "I do not like these clothes, but not Soft... shehas loved her dress and cardigan and has tried to wear them everyday! 

Thank you from a mom that has struggled to find clothing that mydaughter loves!! Thank you , Thank you!! Can't wait for seamless socksand panties!!!
--Kate, Mom/Soft Customer

"I have an 8 year old daughter who has had issues and a difficult time(to say the least) finding clothes that she can wear with comfort eversince she was a baby. Seams on clothes are the biggest problem anddiscomfort for her. I have tried everything to minimize her discomfort!I have tried clothes from all stores imaginable as well as second handclothing. I have tried to modify her clothes. I have tried throwingthem in the dryer right before wear. She must come with me when I shopfor clothes for her so that she can touch and feel the fabric andseams. I consider myself lucky if she finds one item of clothing afteran all day shopping trip. The word "clothes" or "shopping" puts herinto an anxiety stricken panic (of which I am not far from myself). Shehas a VERY limited supply of clothing and she has stopped participatingin all after school activities that she once enjoyed so much, becauseshe can not conform to wearing the necessary uniforms (swim team andsocce r for example).

She was recently diagnosed with tactiledefensiveness and participates in OT once a week. Her OT specialistinformed us of your upcoming clothing line and we waited inanticipation for your items to become available! We recently ordered ashort sleeve and a long sleeve shirt and they arrived amazingly quick!My daughter put on the t-shirt and actually jumped up and down cheeringand yelling for joy because she found the shirt so comfortable. Inearly cried. She didn't want to take of the shirt for me to wash it. Ilet her sleep in it that night. She was just so happy as was I!"
--Rose, Mom/Soft Customer
We received the shirts and my 8 year old daughter immediately put on the dark pink long sleeve. She loved it and said it was really the softest shirt she has ever worn. This is a burden lifted for our family. I anticipate much easier mornings with these shirts. I look forward to many future purchases."
--Trudy, Mom/Soft Customer



"I had my son try on one of the shirts last night. It fit perfectly. It was funny...I told him that the shirt would be very soft and comfortable. Right after he put it on he curled up on the sofa and didn't stir until bedtime. No touching, picking, restlessness, etc. So far, so good."
--Marc, Dad


Hi Jessica...I received the three short sleeved Ts that I bought for mygranddaughter who is 6.  She immediately loved them when she put themon.  She is very comfortable in her Ts and told me they were so softand she just loved them!!!  We live in Nova Scotia and I'm spreadingthe word for you and your company as I talk to Moms whose children areall in the situation.

--Linda, Grandmother/Soft Customer


My daughter immediately grabbed the shirt and started feeling how softit was. When I showed her there was no bothersome tag she wanted to putit on right away.  I had to actually fight her to take the shirtoff that night. She insisted I wash it and have the Soft t-shirt readyfor the next morning. She rushed to the dryer in the morning to get hernew shirt. She absolutely love the Soft t-shirt. She will wear itwithout a fight everyday if I would allow her.

--Heather, Soft Tee reviewer/Mom


I love Soft products! My 7-year-old has PDD, and while his clothing sensitivities are not severe, they do exist, and he loves his Soft t-shirt (the one we have so far!) to the extent that I know it must eliminate some low-level discomfort he can't even name.  We just bought a new Soft tee with a tie printed on it for his school assembly days. He hates assemblies, but at least now, he can wear his comfy Soft shirt and look good!

---Mom, reader 


I appreciate the awareness and sensitivity of this clothing company. Let's hope the empathy spreads to other sensory complicated areas liketurning off all the loud TV screens advertising in supermarkets thatmake for a over-stimulating experience for my sensitive child.

---Mom, reader

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