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The Soft Sensory Tee

(MORE COLORS) (UNISEX) flat seaming (seamless) , tagless, wide soft collar. available in 6 colors.

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Product Description


Perfect for children with tactile sensitivity, this is a reinvention of the classic T shirt. Now with special adaptations for comfort and style--for extra sensitive dressers. Made with 100% Soft cotton, constructed with flat seaming (for a seamless feel), a flat, wide fit bound collar (to prevent pulling at the collar), printed label and care info (tagless), and a classic t-shirt silhouette. Not too boxy, not too tight. Tested with children with sensory sensitivity.  Colored with natural and enzyme washed for an extra soft finish. (UNISEX)

Reviews and Feedback

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Note:since our tees are UNISEX, and some girls prefer a more fitted look,while boys may prefer a roomier fit--we recommend buying either a sizedown (for more fitted) or size up (for roomier fit).  See our precisesizing chart below as a guide.






100% soft and smooth cotton jersey, 145 gm, bio wash for extra softness, made in india. (LIGHT)

Care Info

Machine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low. Use warm iron as needed. Durable high quality cotton designed and knit to endure wear and tear and many washes.


Product Review

 "He promptly wore it every single time it came out of the washer/dryer, telling me it was the “best shirt in the world” and “better than pajamas.” Which is a very big deal when you’re talking about a kid that once told me that his belt was, you know, trying to suffocate him."

--Mir from


I am pleased to report that Oscar continues to wear this shirt each week. Not once has he freaked out when putting it on or decided that it didn't fit minutes after wearing it. This shirt is the only one that he owns that actually fits him to size. I am so impressed with Soft Sensory Tee, I would recommend it to anyone that has a child with sensory issues. The Soft Clothing motto definitely rings true - Dress Up Without the Drama!

--Pretty Pink Momma Blog


Thank goodness for your efforts to make clothing for all kids. My daughter received her first shirts, dress and cardigan three days ago, and has worn some combination each day since. She cheerfully puts them on herself. She loves that the clothes are called SOFT and were made "with her in mind".

Our whole family is so grateful!

--F. Adams--Mom/Soft Customer


We have been trying out the clothes on kids with sensory issues and they love them. One didn't want to take off the T-shirt and begged to sleep in it and the other put the pants through situps and sitting (when their regular clothes really bother them) and gave them a thumbs up even though they were too big. That girl begged her mom to get some in her size. We are thrilled with this product. Thought you might like to know.

Tamara O.--Editor, Chicago Parent


We received the shirts and my 8 year old daughter immediately put on the dark pink long sleeve. She loved it and said it was really the softest shirt she has ever worn. This is a burden lifted for our family. I anticipate much easier mornings with these shirts. I look forward to many future purchases."
--Trudy, Mom/Soft Customer


"I had my son try on one of the shirts last night. It fit perfectly. It was funny...I told him that the shirt would be very soft and comfortable. Right after he put it on he curled up on the sofa and didn't stir until bedtime. No touching, picking, restlessness, etc. So far, so good."
--Marc, Dad


Hi Jessica...I received the three short sleeved Ts that I bought for my granddaughter who is 6.  She immediately loved them when she put them on.  She is very comfortable in her Ts and told me they were so soft and she just loved them!!!  We live in Nova Scotia and I'm spreading the word for you and your company as I talk to Moms whose children are all in the situation.

--Linda, Grandmother/Soft Customer


My daughter immediately grabbed the shirt and started feeling how soft it was. When I showed her there was no bothersome tag she wanted to put it on right away.  I had to actually fight her to take the shirt off that night. She insisted I wash it and have the Soft t-shirt ready for the next morning. She rushed to the dryer in the morning to get her new shirt. She absolutely love the Soft t-shirt. She will wear it without a fight everyday if I would allow her.

--Heather, Soft Tee reviewer/Mom


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