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Classic Cropped Cardigan

(MORE COLORS) (UNISEX) Flat seaming (seamless), tagless, snaps custom made to look like buttons. In brushed and washed french terry. Available in 4 colors.

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Perfect for children with tactile sensitivity, this extra warm cardigan is perfect for layering with casual or dressy looks. Flat seaming (for a seamless feel), printed labels, a soft, wide collar, soft printed label and care info (tagless), easy on/off snaps custom made to look like pearl buttons. Comfort, warmth, and a classic slightly cropped bolero silhouette that just keeps getting cooler. Pair with the Soft Party Dress and Seamless Dress Socks for a complete dressed up look for girls. Or, try with the chinos and Tie Tee for a formal boys look that won't cause a fuss.  Colored with veggie dyes and bio washed for an extra soft finish. Printed with digital printing techniques. (UNISEX)

Cardigan Sizing*

Fit note: cardigans are slightly cropped and fit snug so we recommend buying one size up if your child prefers a roomier fit. Hits at the natural waist, and just above the wrist.  Cardigan pictured is an M, worn by children in the 6-7 age range.





80% cotton, 20%poly, Baby French Terry, 265 gm 40's & 10's soft finish, made in india.  (WARM)


Care Info

Machine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Use only non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low. Use warm iron as needed.

Product Review


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I have a four year old daughter with tactile defensiveness. We had daily morning rages, with her tearing off of every piece of clothing offered, and melt downs each day over getting dressed. She would tear off her clothes screaming she was itching and scratch her skin until she was red all over, all the while crying as if she were being tortured. Somehow, we had to get her dressed for preschool, and wresting her into even her least annoying clothing was awful. It left the whole family exhausted, exasperated and miserable before 8am. I would feel rattled the whole day long for having lived through the tantrum, and miserable as a mother that each day started off so hard. My other kids, without these issues, just sat and watched in stunned silence, and got very little parental attention in the mornings as all hands were needed just to dress the 4 year old.

Thank goodness for your efforts to make clothing for all kids. My daughter received her first shirts, dress and cardigan three days ago, and has worn some combination each day since. She cheerfully puts them on herself. She loves that the clothes are called SOFT and were made "with her in mind".

She says she loves that the collar of her dress is smooth satin, that there are no "lumps", nothing "itchy" and nothing tight. She likes that the dress is sleveless so that when she puts on her cardigan "I don't have to hold the sleeves and they don't make bunchy wrinkles". She also said to me that she likes her cardigan because it is "a way for a four year old to joke a grown up". "I can do these snaps and it looks like I did tiny buttons!". She was excited to wear it to preschool and have her teacher think she had buttoned it up! I love that the clothes are fashionable and cute and she looks adorable in them.

Our whole family is so grateful!

--F. Adams


My almost 4 year old daughter has MANY clothing sensitivities and I was thrilled to find your line. She will have her first OT eval this week, but we have been struggling with clothes for years!! When your clothing came, she opened the packages, tried on the clothing and then CHEERED!!!! She said, " Oh my, these are great!!! and said, "THANKS mom!!" she was jumping up and down cheering about the clothes. I have brought many clothing items home where she put them on, took them off immediately saying, "I do not like these clothes, but not Soft... she has loved her dress and cardigan and has tried to wear them everyday! 

Thank you from a mom that has struggled to find clothing that my daughter loves!! Thank you , Thank you!! Can't wait for seamless socks and panties!!!
--Kate, Mom

"I have an 8 year old daughter who has had issues and a difficult time (to say the least) finding clothes that she can wear with comfort ever since she was a baby. Seams on clothes are the biggest problem and discomfort for her. I have tried everything to minimize her discomfort! I have tried clothes from all stores imaginable as well as second hand clothing. I have tried to modify her clothes. I have tried throwing them in the dryer right before wear. She must come with me when I shop for clothes for her so that she can touch and feel the fabric and seams. I consider myself lucky if she finds one item of clothing after an all day shopping trip. The word "clothes" or "shopping" puts her into an anxiety stricken panic (of which I am not far from myself). She has a VERY limited supply of clothing and she has stopped participating in all after school activities that she once enjoyed so much, because she can not conform to wearing the necessary uniforms (swim team and socce r for example).

She was recently diagnosed with tactile defensiveness and participates in OT once a week. Her OT specialist informed us of your upcoming clothing line and we waited in anticipation for your items to become available! We recently ordered a short sleeve and a long sleeve shirt and they arrived amazingly quick! My daughter put on the t-shirt and actually jumped up and down cheering and yelling for joy because she found the shirt so comfortable. I nearly cried. She didn't want to take of the shirt for me to wash it. I let her sleep in it that night. She was just so happy as was I!"
--Rose, Mom/Soft Customer

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